Kaleidoscopes and Dreams

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"Isn’t it odd how much fatter a book gets when you’ve read it several times?” Mo had said…”As if something were left between the pages every time you read it. Feelings, thoughts, sounds, smells…and then, when you look at the book again many years later, you find yourself there, too, a slightly younger self, slightly different, as if the book had preserved you like a pressed flower…both strange and familiar."

- Cornelia Funke, Inkspell (via observando)

"The difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life is only a matter of perspective. Pull the blinds. Look around you. It is a mad, mad world and you do not require ten digit bank accounts to immerse yourself in it. Travel down dusty roads without a destination in mind. Climb a mountain and scream out into the void. Kiss the hell out of a stranger. Skinny dip in a lake. Get lost and lose yourself (they are two separate things). Explore the wilderness (especially the one within). Think less of destiny and more of the moment right here. Because when you are old and ill with your loved ones around you, fame won’t matter, nor will the extent of your wealth. You are the sum of the stories you can tell."

- Beau Taplin, “An extraordinary life.” (via crfandy5)

"'Sleep on it.' they say. As if a good night's rest does anything other than put your problems on pause."

- Beau Taplin || "Sleep on it." (via foxqueennn)


Don’t tell me this sucks for you too.

A killer cannot sue
for the bruises on his knuckles
or the blood on his shoes.


- Beau Taplin (via letsbreakthemoldsomehow)

"You can drink too much and forget the night before, but I’ve learned you can never drink enough to forget the people you’ve loved and lost."

- Beau Taplin (via sleeplesss—dreamers)

"True love is not necessarily to be a persons beginning, middle and ending. it is to be the part of their story they consider most worth telling."

- Beau Taplin || love stories.  (via afadthatlastsforever)

"Hearts are like glass; the more broken they are, the more dangerous they become."

- Beau Taplin – Hunting Season (via vamma)

The New Human Beings - Beau Taplin
A collection of some of my favourite lines. [ABWHF & HS]

"I just want to be the person you miss at 3am."

- Beau Taplin - Firstly, let me be the absence in your chest, secondly, let me be the one who fills it. (via melisica)

"I think I keep telling myself you never loved
me at all because it is far less terrifying a
prospect than the possibility you did, you truly
did, but all of a sudden, and for no particular
reason, you stopped."

- Beau Taplin || How I sleep at night.  (via afadthatlastsforever)